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No matter what payment solutions you're looking for, we're here to

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A Platform That Grows With You

Our suite of products make growing your business stress-free.

Features to Guide You Along the Path to the Point of Sale:

Your Choice of Payment Devices

We offer every payment device your business needs, including Verifone, Clover, Mobile, Gateways, and more.

Cutting-Edge Payment Methods

Let your customers pay how they want to with Credit, Debit, ACH, eCheck, or anything else.

Easy to Use Portal

Keep track of your business with our easy to read payout reports and transaction search.

Industry-Specific Support

Our team of experts can provide solutions tailored to your industry so you always stay ahead of competitors.

A Gateway for All of Your Needs

Customer Vault



Why Choose PathPoint?

 Choose the only provider that's committed to you and your business' growth

Superior Technology

With Pathpoint, you can rest assured that you have access to the most advanced payment technology on the market.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support team is here to help you through phone, email, and chat. We work tirelessly to get you the help you need, when you need it.

Friendly Pricing

Don't compromise on growing your business with our competitive pricing. If you can find a better rate, let us see if we can beat it.

Get Started Today and Grow Your Business to New Heights!

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How can you go contactless?

Every business needs to find a way to improve the customer checkout experience. PathPoint offers expert advice on how you can turn your checkout experience into a contactless one.

Integrated with software you currently use.

The PathPoint platform integrates with a variety of CMS platforms and accounting software. We make it easy for you to focus on growing your business and spend less time running it.

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Adapt to the New Normal

Our team is here to provide you with more than just the best payment services around. Check out our free expert tips on adapting your business to the post-pandemic world!