Build your business around an a register that provides functionality and security in an easy to use point of sale system. Accept credit, Debit, Cash, eWallets while providing printer receipts and a customer facing device for a professional checkout flow.

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Take a look at our rates. We offer low cost and fair rates.

Rates for both card present and card-not-present.

All-In-One Registers

for those businesses who need a little more.

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$1,349 or $450/mo for 3 months

Perfect for full service restaurants who need a complete solution with multiple printers.

  Build dynamic floor plans

     Create Custom Orders

     Split the check 

        Pay online for contact-less 

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Station Pro

$1,649 or $549/mo for 3 months

Ideal for counter service restaurants where a customer facing checkout is needed.

    Wide range of customer loyalty

      Pay online for contact-less

   Tips and email receipts

   Pre-authorize bar tips

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Station for Any business

$1,399or $466/mo for 3 months

A register solution for any business to help keep their payments organized.

    Manage Inventory, Reports

   Accept all payment types

   Apply taxes at the item level

   Bar scanner and more