Pricing Disclosure Agreement

Payment Brand Charges
Part of the fees PPMS charges you for processing your transactions consist of fees we pay to the Payment Brands.

These charges, called "Payment Brand Charges", include, but are not limited to, interchange rates, assessments, file transmission fees, access fees, and international cross boarder fees.  Therefore, in addition to the rates set forth above, you also will be charged Payment Brand Charges.  Payment Brand Interchange rates can be accessed online by visiting the Learning & Resources section of PathPoint Merchant Services website, and selecting "Understanding Interchange".

Please note that PathPoint Merchant Services, LLC  (PPMS) may, from time to time, elect not to charge you for certain existing, new or increased Payment Brand Charges.  If we elect not to charge you, we still reserve the right to begin charging you for existing, new or increased Payment Brand Charges at any time in the future, upon notice to you.  No such Payment Brand Charges will be imposed retroactively.

* MasterCard assesses the MasterCard Acquiring License Fee annually to each Acquirer based on the total annual volume of MasterCard-Branded sales (excluding Maestro PIN debit volume) of its U.S. domiciled merchants.  To fairly distribute the fee across all PPMS MasterCard-accepting merchants, a rate of 0.004% will be applied to all of your MasterCard gross sales transactions.

Amount due upon Termination

PPMS does not charge a fee for closing your merchant account.