Clover Mini

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Perfect Counter Top Solution

Thee Clover Mini is the perfect solution for businesses who need a counter-top device. With it's all-in-one features, you can scale and build your business to provide the tools necessary to keep track of inventory, rewards, payments, and so much more.

Find out how Clover Mini can help you business.

Clover Mini Features

A product designed to help your business stay organized.

All-In-One Terminal Features

Printer, EMV Chip reader,  PIN Pad

Connect more than one

Create a customized customer experience.

Reporting, Inventory, Employees

Clover brings all the controls you need to run a successful business.

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Rewards That Matter to You and Your Customers

Gift and Loyalty cards are the perfect compliment to encourage customer engagement. With your own gift card program you can encourage customers to share your business with other potential customers. Or, use the Loyalty Program to reward your customer for repeat business.

Find out more about our Gift and Loyalty programs.

Easy to Use Software

The Clover Register Interface is easy and intuitive. Find products that are grouped and categorized to your needs.

Accepting Payments has never been easier.

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Additional Accessories

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Barcode Scanner

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Additional Printer

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Bluetooth Card Reader

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Clover Flex