Payment Solutions for Healthcare Businesses
Learn how your healthcare business can benefit from PathPoint Merchant Services' cutting-edge payment options

The Secret Way to Maximize Your Business

There's something you already pay for and probably never think about that is seriously holding back your business. Any ideas? It's your payment system! 

Studies have shown that businesses with better payment technology in place, such as online, contactless or mobile payment options, actually improve their rate of sales without changing anything else. Our team at PathPoint Merchant Services wants all businesses to benefit from that, and we believe your healthcare business could benefit the most!

Collect Payments Anytime Anywhere

Increase your hospital, medical practice or clinic’s profitability with fast and convenient payment processing.  At PathPoint Merchant Services, we help healthcare business owners like you safely collect payments while reducing overhead costs.  We provide you with the best payment technology to make running a business simple. Our team will work with you to design the right package for you and your needs, with options ranging from solutions for handling co-payments, paying bills, allowing your customers to pay with their phone, helping you go contactless, and more.

Reduce Wait Times and Make Your Patients Happier

Our team at PathPoint Merchant Services is here to help you reduce wait times and make it easier for you to keep yourself and your patients safe. With our self-service payment options, your patients can easily pay online, via a mobile app, via text and more! Patients can easily make payments when your office is closed, before treatment or after services. Most importantly, they can make payments when it's convenient for them. Your organization gets faster payment collection and can view payments made in real-time.

Spend more time caring for your patients, and less time billing with healthcare payment processing solutions. PathPoint Merchant Services’ healthcare payment systems improve patient satisfaction and simplify billing for everyone. Our payment systems allow your hospital or medical practice to accept and process credit cards, debit cards, checks or ACH online, over the phone, online, or in-person.

Improve Payment Collection Speed 

77% of providers say that it takes more than a month to collect any payment from patients. We know that it can be challenging to get patients to pay and can leave your administrative team chasing payments instead of improving upon other areas of your practice. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way! With PathPoint Merchant Services’ myriad of payment options, including online payments, you can make it easy for your team to send paperless invoices and convenient for your patients to pay with just a few clicks.

Easily Manage Your Business with Custom Dashboards

With PathPoint Merchant Services’ customizable merchant portal, you easily gain insights into your business’ performance. Whether it’s total monthly transactions, customers, or another metric you’re looking for, we make it easy for you to find and interpret that data. Make it simple to manage your business and ensure your growth with PathPoint Merchant Services!

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