How to Digitize Your Healthcare Business
The world is going digital and we're here to help you adapt your business to the digital landscape.
As the old adage goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You might think the same thing when you look at your healthcare business, but if the Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that you have to prepare for the unexpected...the really, really unexpected. For a healthcare business owner, that means preparing for the possibility, or rather, reality of services shifting online. Just this year, telehealth adoption has increased by 4,000%, a staggering trend that is predicted to continue as people continue to seek out contactless options for all areas of their life.

On the other side of the equation are healthcare business owners like you, who have been reluctant to go digital. We get it -- between security issues, breaking old habits, and the daunting, ever-changing nature of the digital world, it is intimidating to switch! That's why we're here to give you a guide to going digital that will make your transition as easy as following doctor's orders.

                1.  Adopt Telehealth Options. Yesterday.

                First and foremost, you need telebooking and telehealth appointments ASAP. People are, for good reason, looking to stay home as much as possible these days. If they can have their appointment from home, you need to be the provider to give them that option.

                In order to start your implementation, you need to first evaluate your needs. Shop around vendors for ideas on what you may need and make a list. What unique telehealth capabilities might you need for your practice? Do you need health record integration? If so, does your current Electronic Health Record (EHR) provider have telehealth service options? Using your current EHR provider could make for seamless integration and a more convenient transition for your business.

                Once you’ve evaluated your needs, begin seriously evaluating vendors. A good place to start looking is the AMA’s Physician Innovation Network or this list of over 260 telehealth companies from across the nation. Another good place to start is with word-of-mouth referrals. Talk to other healthcare providers in your community or network and ask them if they recommend any telehealth services.

                Finally, once you’ve curated a list of vendors that interest you, the AMA suggests evaluating them on six levels: Business, Information Technology, Security, Usability, Customer Service, and Clinical Validation. You can find more details about this framework in the AMA’s guide to telehealth implementation.

                Using this framework, you should be able to narrow down to one provider and work with that provide to set up the telehealth system of both your and your patients’ dreams.

                Additional Resources:

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                2. Upgrade Your Online Voice.

                While the cacophony of voices vying for attention in the digital world can be intimidating, it’s important to make your own voice heard. In our most recent blog post, we tell you all about how to transform your social media presence and take command of how your business is perceived online.

                Beyond those tips, you can take that advice a step further as a healthcare business owner. Reputation is a huge consideration for anyone looking to choose the best healthcare provider for themselves or their family. That makes customer reviews crucial, so consider asking customers to leave reviews online when they check out or book their appointments. Additionally, collect their emails when they book appointments and follow up after their appointment via email asking for feedback on their visit.

                Finally, while this is controversial, consider implementing incentives for online reviews. You can offer direct discounts, freebies, or give customers points towards a reward in exchange for their review. The most important thing to remember if you decide to incentivize reviews is to specify that any review, even a negative one, gets the incentive. You don’t want the legitimacy of your reviews being called into question, and negative reviews are great opportunities for your business to improve.

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                3. Digitize Your Payments.

                40% of providers fail to collect over $31,713 a year from patients. Does that sound something like you and your business? Going digital isn’t just for your patients, it’s an opportunity for you to massively reduce the administrative costs and losses associated with trying to collect bill payment from your patients. Going digital with your payments will allow you to stop paying postage on paper statements that don’t get responses, consolidate payments on a transparent online portal, and allow your patients to pay anytime anywhere via an online platform.One of the best options is

                One of the best options is PathPoint Merchant Services' suite of payment options. Our online platform is easy-to-use, customizable, transparent, and customer-friendly! You can easily generate eStatements to send to patients, saving you time and money. You can keep track of payment collection via our online dashboard, which integrates with most major accounting software to provide you real-time reporting on your business.

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                Final Thoughts

                    With these tips and resources, you should be well on your way to digital success. We know it’s a difficult transition, but it’s one that will save both you and your clients a lot of headache. It’s also a transition that is becoming more and more vital for all providers to make.

                    To truly ensure your success on this journey, however, it’s important to help guide your clients. Develop educational handouts or videos walking your clients through the new telehealth system. No matter how technically savvy your clients may seem, online healthcare is new and intimidating for all of us.

                    Finally, don’t let yourself be blindsided by any incoming changes in your industry. Very few of us saw how rapidly healthcare would embrace digitization, but subscribing to healthcare industry publications, magazines and news sources can make it so you see the next big industry change coming.  One way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and digital payment options for businesses like yours is to subscribe to our newsletter. Type in your email to get the latest expert tips delivered to your inbox!

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