Everything Businesses Need to Know About Gen Z
Why and how you should be targeting the fresh faces of Generation Z

    Peering into the future for any company can be tricky. Economic activity, consumer preferences, ever-changing technology...all of these factors can change in the blink of an eye and then you are left playing catch up, often trailing behind someone else when you do. One thing that is a bit easier to understand, however, is the generational gap that helps to generalize the consumer behavior trends for shoppers young and old.

    We have the millennials, baby boomers, the greatest generation, and just around the corner, we have Gen Z coming of age. These age categories denote groups of people born in a certain time period with generally similar interests and characteristics to one another. Fortunately, as a business owner in any industry, you are bound to have experience trying to understand and adapt to many of the aforementioned groups above, but Gen Z can be a bit trickier and all the more daunting as an established business owner.

    1 in 10 eligible voters in the 2020 electorate will be part of a new generation of Americans, according to The Pew Research Center’s study on social and demographic trends. It may seem innocuous at first, but it means the kids that you passed on the sidewalk only years ago are now college graduates, entrepreneurs, job-hungry workers, families, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and everything in between. In other words, more and more of your consumers are proud members of Generation Z.

    Let’s get to know this growing consumer bloc! The one thing all of these Gen Zers have in common is that they are fiercely independent. They are no longer relying on mom and dad to direct them down a predetermined life path, and are taking bold and brazen steps towards the world of independent decision-making instead. In order to be on the cutting-edge of whatever industry you may be in, or are hoping to enter, crafting your Gen Z marketing strategy with that in mind is crucial.

    They're also more affluent than prior generations. They are in line to inherit a strong economy and will have the capital to spend that comes with that. They will not be a saving generation to the degree we have seen in the past, meaning the potential for increased foot traffic, increased website visits, and more money moving in and out of your cash register; that is, if you are on top of the newest trends.

    Gen Zers grew up with technology in their back pockets. The Pew Research Center estimates that 85% of Gen Z consumers use Instagram, which tells you a bit about this relatively affluent and tech-savvy generation. They are always on trend with constant access to a variety of social media feeds.

    Barraged with an unrelenting array of clickbait and sales messages, they love nothing more than messaging that comes off as genuine. When interviewed, Gen Zers care so much about honest messaging that almost 70% said that they are more interested in content with a realistic ending rather than a polished but far-fetched conclusion. They even love a human touch when it comes to shopping, which is great news if you operate primarily out of a physical storefront. 64% of U.S. youth and 59% of UK youth like to shop in stores when online alternatives exist just for the good customer service.

     Moreover, they are fluent in the language of the phone, the keyboard, and the touch screen, so they're used to instant gratification. That's why it's vital to make their shopping experience online or in-store as easy as possible. One of the most crucial steps you can take to simplify and digitize that experience is by implementing contactless payments and other cutting-edge payment tech. That’s where PathPoint Merchant Services can make the difference for you and your business.

    Whether you want a top of the line touch screen Clover Terminal product like the Flex or Station Pro; want to allow your efficiency focused customers to make payments right from their phone, from an app, or over bluetooth; or simply want an easy-to-understand dashboard to see how your business is doing, PathPoint has the answer. PathPoint knows that you need something that is reliable and saves you time that you can use growing your business or spending time with family. We provide just that so that you’re ready to handle the wave of techy young adults that will soon be busting down your doors.

    John F Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” You have to ask yourself how much you want to be the one setting the bar for this new generation and how to prepare yourself to seize that opportunity.

If you want to make that change, make it easy with a payment system that offers everything you need at a great price. If you’re ready, reach out to our team. We’ll make it simple.

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