5 Steps to Growing Your Sales
Overcome sales stagnation and unlock new levels of growth for your business.

Despite the turbulence of this year, some things are the same as always. One of those things is the fact that, as a business owner, you always want to see your sales increase. Customers perusing your aisles and clicking through your online inventory simply do not put food on the table. Where is the disconnect?

In order to maximize your profits and minimize the time it takes your valued customers to pull the trigger on a purchase, our team at PathPoint has compiled some tried and true solutions for you to generate more sales for your business. Whether your business has a thriving online presence or a loyal in-person clientele, these tips could take your business to the next level.

1. Authenticity is key! 

This is something we have all heard before, but with increasingly informed buyers and millions of shops accessible online, your authentic voice as a business is what will make you stand out. Toss out the scripts and speak to them as people. Build a relationship that will not only get them buying something today, but will make them loyal advocates of your business. 

2. Show your willingness to innovate. 

Customers want to see a company that uses technology that makes the shopping process simple, easy and convenient. If you have an archaic payment processor that lags, isn’t user-friendly, or doesn’t accept multiple forms of payment, consider upgrading to one of PathPoint’s payment systems. Our systems utilize the newest technology to allow your customers to pay with whatever method they prefer seamlessly.

3. Let their voice be heard! 

It can be frustrating at times when customers come to you with complaints. Maybe the boots are too expensive, they want them in red, they want 2 pieces of chocolate for the price of 1... you name it. While some complaints may be unreasonable, most complaints you receive will reveal areas in which you can improve.

Take note of the comments you receive from customers and try to analyze them. Have other customers made similar comments? How easily could you address the problem these customers are bringing up? Would more people be going in and out of those doors excited about what they purchased if you changed somethin? Business consultants pay for this kind of consumer feedback, so don’t let it go to waste as a business owner!

4. Put best sellers front and center.

 It can be tempting to focus promotions on the items you feel are underappreciated, but it’s much more effective to pay attention to how customers are feeling by following the money. Put your best sellers front and center on your homepage to catch your customers’ eyes and then include the items you believe have potential secondarily. Once they’re enticed by your best sellers, they will be  eager to dig deeper into your inventory and give your other products a chance.

5. Go mobile! 

The new world is one based on quick, fast, mobile, and secure payments-- and that is exactly what we at PathPoint do well. Customers want to get in and get out with the product of their dreams, so why create unnecessary barriers that hinder their shopping experience? With items like our bluetooth card readers and interactive apps for your phone, your customers will leave the store satisfied and excited to be using the future of payment software.

With the Holidays right around the corner and the New Year following close behind, your shoppers are on the hunt for gifts of all kinds. This is a great opportunity to implement these tips so that you can ask those shoppers for a review rather than watch them walk away empty handed. Soon enough, low sales won’t be keeping you up at night  --  you’ll be more worried about how to handle so many sales!

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